How Much Will it Cost?

Probably less than you think!

The RaspberryPints system was designed to strike a balance between cost and features.

Here's a list of the basic hardware you will need to buy. Some users will already have things like the video display and cables so their cost will be less.

  • Raspberry Pi ($40)
  • Video display (PC monitor or TV)
  • Video cable
  • Micro USB charger
  • Wireless a keyboard/mouse with unified receiver
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • SD card and an SD card reader

The average cost for most users is ~$100. You can find a more in depth parts list here

Features Included in RaspberryPints

The RaspberryPints system has just about everything you can think of. If you own a kegerator then RaspberryPints is for you.

How many times do you have to explain exactly what the beer in each keg tastes like? Answering the same questions over and over. Why not build RaspberryPints and have descriptions of all of your beers on a nice big (you determine how big) screen? Not only a description of each beer on tap but the ABV%, the IBU's too.

  • Display the beers on tap on a nice digital display screen
  • Built in tracking system to monitor:
    • Current beers on tap
    • Recipes
    • Kegs
    • What's on tap

Read all about additional features on the features page.

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