Project Staffers:

Name Role HBT Username Untappd Username
Thadius D. Miller Project Manager thadius856 thadius856
Jason S. Unterman Application Developer JayUnt Jayunt
Shawn M. Kemp Application Developer and Web Engineering Skemp45 Shawn Kemp
Dustin Kerber Embedded Systems Development Kerber Kerber
mcangeli Application Developer mcangeli mcangeli
Casey M. Quality Assurance boombrewer boombrewer


Assistant Contributors:

GH Username HBT Username Contribution
thesehands ?unknown? · Built initial SQL schema
· Converted initial CSV file to SQL database (now test_data.sql)
· Rewrote front end to poll SQL database
mtnbound sloescher · Wrote installation wizard (install/install.php)
· Helped write installation instructions (on official website)
raysmithtx raysmithtx · Added PDF/print functionality (to official website)
· Spruced up official website front page
emdubeu EmDubeu · QA – installation instructions, SQL, UI, etc.
SevenXXX Seven · Created option to disable ABV image
· Added additional CSS elements to help with centering.
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