Version 2.0.0

You read that correctly, Its that time!!!!!!! We have been furiously working on version 2 over the past few months. We hit a lot of roadblocks along the way including some that took us months to get through. To keep up with our promise of being transparent here is what happend.

We made a plan to convert everything to a new framework (Larvel), we got this converted over but this caused 2 things to happen.  1.) We were having performance issues with load times on our code. 2.) It halted development, for some reason most of us stopped working on it for a few months after the switch. I don’t know if it was just defeating seeing our code run slowly or if we were just afraid of Larvel. So we decided about a month ago to switch back to the old Code and release a MVP (minimum viable product) Release with the flow meters. We understood people have been waiting for a long time and were ancey for a release where they could use their flow meters so here it is. August 29th will be the release date for RaspberryPints V2.0.0!!

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new release and please continue to send us feedback and information on bugs you find, It has helped tremendously.  One last note, We disabled the function on our official website to request and vote on features until post v2 release, the reason behind this is the plugin causes a extreme slowness on our server we run the site on. A badly scripted plugin will do this, for anyone who cares to know it spikes our I/O usage.  After the heavy traffic from the V2 Release is over we will re enable it.

If you have any questions please feel free to reachout to us via Facebook, twitter, HBT or the contact form on our website.

– Shawn Kemp


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