How do I add a beer to my recipe database?

Adding a beer to your Recipe Database is very simple.

Step 1) Log into your admin panel by clicking the logo on the top left or adding /admin to your hosted url. Then you will need to log in using you admins username and password.

Step 2) Now that we are logged in lets go to the left navigation bar and click on My Beers.

Step 3) You will see a list of all current beers, at the top of that page you will see a blue “Add Beer” button. Click the “Add Beer” button
Step 4) You will be prompted with a form to fill out requesting the following information:

  • Beer name
  • Style
  • SRM
  • IBU
  • OG
  • FG
  • Tasting Notes

You will need to fill out this form.

Step 5) Click the Save button on the form.

Congratulations your beer is now added to the beer Recipe Database!!

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