How do I change the header text (Beers On Tap)?

Changing the Header text is a simple process, just follow these steps:

Step 1) Log into your admin panel by clicking the logo on the top left or adding /admin to your hosted url. Then you will need to log in using you admins username and password.

Step 2) Now that we are logged in lets go to the left navigation bar and click on the Headers tab.

Step 3) You will see an input box with what the current value is (If you have not changed this yet it will show Currently On Tap). Remove what is in this box and put in your desired text.

Step 4) Click the Submit button once you have changed the text to what you want and this will automatically update the header and you can see this by going to your live tap list.

[nbox type="error"] **Please note if you do not see the change please clear cache or reload page by hitting (Ctrl+R)** [/nbox]

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